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Carbon Chemistry

ZeoClear™ Y

ZeoClear™ Y

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ZeoClear™ Y is a granular attapulgite which has been thermally activated to remove impurities and maximize adsorption capabilities. An effective media for color remediation and general product improvement with high contaminant absorptivity.

  • Micron Size 250-595um

  • Attapulgite granular media, alkaline medium

  • Easy handling, fast flow, color improvement

  • General product improvement with high contaminant absorptivity

  • Color Remediation

  • In-Line Filtration

  • Hot Scrub

  • Recirculate

Provides moderate activity for gentle adsorption of color bodies.

  • Adsorption Selectivity: 5/10

  • Adsorption Rate: 4/10

  • Fluid Flow Rate: 8/10

  • Binding Affinity: 8/10

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