Starting a Concentrate Extraction Business:
Quality Lab Extraction Equipment and Industry Authority

Efficient Solutions for a Growing Industry

Lab Authority serves mid-size and startup extraction businesses around the country with unparalleled industry experience and a diverse portfolio of lab tested products, including lab extraction equipment, terpenes, empty cartridges - everything needed to start and drive a successful extraction operation. Lab Authority leads the field with industry specific knowledge, leveraging years of experience with access to a broad network of professional and technological resources.

We drive growth by enhancing productivity, uncovering areas of opportunity, and supporting entrepreneurial objectives.

Transform your idea into a lucrative enterprise by capitalizing on our experience and expertise, supported by ongoing technological research and leading extraction equipment and accessories.

Getting Started with DIY Concentrate Extraction

Lab Authority has curated a unique collection of extraction equipment and accessories perfectly suited to the needs of startups and entrepreneurs interested in getting the ball rolling for $1,000. This is the perfect way to build a solid, scalable foundation for your extraction business without breaking the bank.

High-quality, carefully vetted, and selected laboratory-grade hydrocarbon extraction equipment, cartridge filling equipment, cartridges, and terpenes in this collection have been specifically designated for budget-conscious startups.

Shop By Brand

Lab Authority offers products and accessories from the most well-known and trusted names in the business.

High-Quality Extraction Lab Equipment, Unrivaled Industry Expertise

The largest hurdle when it comes to setting up this type of business is having to jump into the deep end of owning and operating professional extraction equipment. Luckily, that is where our team can help. We have years of experience working with a wide array of extraction equipment and we are ready to put that knowledge to work for our customers.

  • Lab Extraction Equipment

    Lab Authority offers best-in-class hydrocarbon extraction equipment, rotary evaporators, chillers, and vacuum ovens for the most demanding, precise extraction methods delivering the highest quality outcome. Our portfolio includes everything you need to outfit your operation from complete hydrocarbon extraction kits to necessary accessories including media bottles, beakers and much more.

  • Terpenes

    Lab Authority delivers a full line of True Terpene flavors to deliver a diverse, complete sensory experience to your customers through your finished extracts. In addition to terpene isolates, we also offer entrepreneurs magnetic stir bars and magnetic hot plates for mixing terpenes, enabling our customers to produce truly unique blends.

  • Cartridges

    From value press-fit cartridges and empty screw-on wooden or ceramic tip cartridges to AVD press-fit and screw-on cartridges, Lab Authority carries everything you need to professionally package your extracts and deliver them to your customers.

Your Concentrate Extraction Equipment Provider, Your Strategic Partner

We know that our continued success depends on the success of our customers. That is why our team is dedicated to offering comprehensive support services. After years of working with extraction technology and businesses, we have run across every hurdle in the book. We know the products and accessories that we offer inside and out and we have worked with enough businesses to also know plenty about the market as a whole. When our customers need assistance, we pride ourselves on being able to offer fast and accurate advice that will help keep their businesses running smoothly.

Extraction Consultation Services

This industry, with its myriad of complex extraction equipment, processes and concentrate types, countless different types of terpene blends and isolates, and even specialized cartridges, can be intimidating, especially for startups with little experience.

We understand that – which is why we offer limited consultative services to take your goal of a successful concentrate extraction business from lightbulb to lucrative enterprise.

Contact our professionals to let us know a little bit about your plans for starting an extraction business and we’ll work alongside you to develop a practical business plan and set you up with the lab extraction equipment and accessories you need.

Please fill out our contact form and include some information about your goals, vision for your business, and preferred extraction method so we can curate our suggestions to your direct needs.