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Xeno 4kW Heating Circulator

Xeno 4kW Heating Circulator

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Premium 4kW Heating Circulator is the perfect solution for your jacketed collection vessel. Consisting of a strong internal pump, 1/2” hose barns, bigger bath, and precise digital control, this device is the industry’s leading heating circulator.


    • LARGER MOTOR - Heats 1 L per 7 mins to keep collection vessel hot

    • SAFETY- Temperature Cut-off Switch

    • WIDE BATH - Quickly warm cold distillate in bath

  • HIGH FLOW- 1/2" barbs to maximize output


    • Model: XH10

    • Temp Range Ambient: +5°C to 160°C

    • Temp Controller Digital: PID Controller

    • Heating Capacity: 4000W

    • Dimension WxDxH : 220x320x360(mm)

    • Bath Open depth: 230x140x150 (mm)

    • Net Weight: 5.6 Kg

    • Material Internal: Stainless Steel

    • Material External: Stainless Steel Plate with steel plate

    • Electrical Requirements: 220V, 60Hz, 18A

    • Water volume: 9L/min 0.35bar

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