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Ultra-Clear® is a high-performance adsorbent media that removes polar compounds in solutions to assure it meets product specifications such as thermal stability, microseparometer, and water reaction. Ultra-Clear granules have a large, highly active surface area that adsorbs oil soluble surfactants, organometallic compounds such as copper-complexes, and particulate matter that would jeopardize product quality. The attributes that make Ultra-Clear granules a high-performance color remediation treatment solution readily lend themselves to other applications. Ultra-Clear effectively removes color bodies, surfactants, water, free fatty acids, organic oxides, and other polar contaminants from a wide range of oils, liquids, and waxes.


  • Maximum Color Remediation

  • Granular

  • Easy to Use and Clean

  • pH of 6.7

  • Large, Highly Active Surface Area

  • Low Dust

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