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Tri Clamp Filter Plate

Tri Clamp Filter Plate

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Tri Clamp Stackable Screen Gasket Support Spools are used to selectively filter sediment to various size mesh. It is used in conjunction with tri clamp screen gaskets available in different sizes and material types. Common applications range from fluid clarification to material separation.

Preventing screen gasket displacement (blowout)

Tri Clamp support spools have a rigid surface across the face of the spool, called a perforated plate. This perforated plate is 3mm thick with 6.5mm holes, and is aligned flush with the end of the spool creating a face for tri clamp gaskets to rest against. When filtered sediment accumulates at the face of the screen gasket increasing pressure, the perforated plate holds the gasket in place and prevents any screen displacement.

Layered Filtration - Using 1 in. vs 3 in. Filter Spool

Supports spools come in lengths of 1 inch or 3 inch depending on their usage. Sediment accumulates prior to the spool' perforated plate, thus if a single screen gasket will suffice, a 1 inch support spool will offer full support at the minimum cost. When multiple levels of filtration are necessary, support spools can be stacked back-to-back, and the 3 inch support spool will offer the necessary space for sediment to collect in front of the subsequent support spool. For example: We start with a 1.5 Tri Clamp 20 mesh screen gasket seated against the perforated plate of a 3 inch spool. We can optionally follow with a secondary 3 inch support spool sporting a finer 50 mesh gasket, followed thirdly by a final 1 inch perforated plate spool clarifying our batch with a 150 mesh screen. All but the last support spool need to be 3 inches to allow for sediment accumulation.

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