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Transfer Pipette 3ml

Transfer Pipette 3ml

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Accurately measure more than one volume by using Graduated Transfer Pipettes. Single-unit design features a built-in pipette bulb that eliminates need for plugging, packaging, autoclaving while preventing cross-contamination.

  • EASY TO USE & DISPOSABLE - These pipettes are very easy to use for tiny applications of liquid, and easily disposable.

  • ACCURATE - The outer wall of the our dropper is engraved with a scale, which can be absorbed in an appropriate amount liquid you need. With our calibrated dropper pipettes, you can get your job done easily!

  • SOFT & GREAT SUCTION - Soft and pliable. These eye dropper suction appropriately and can hold the stated amount of liquid. Not flimsy like other plastic pipettes on market.

  • SAFE & SECURE - Made of high quality food grade plastic, you can buy them with confidence.

  • WIDE RANGE OF USE - Widely used for essential oil mixing, pets feeding, painting projects, DIY crafts, home use, elementary science class, classroom lab experiments, etc.

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