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Carbon Chemistry

Pure-Flo® B80

Pure-Flo® B80

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This bleaching/decolorizing adsorbent is widely-used during the pretreatment and processing of edible oils and fats. It’s considered to be cost-effective, natural, and of excellent value due to its effective color removal without any mineral acid carryover. Instead of removing oil contaminants with harsh chemical additives, B80 uses the clay's inherent properties to purify the targeted oil. This means that naturally-active B80 poses no threat of mineral acid carryover in any finished oil products while significantly reducing red coloring and adsorbing chlorophyll.

  • Domestically sourced Bentonite Clay

  • Often used in BHO Extraction

  • B80 is for bleaching and decolorizing

  • Efficient removal of additional color bodies

An economical clay media for consistent depth filtration.

  • Adsorption Selectivity: 6/10

  • Adsorption Rate: 4/10

  • Fluid Flow Rate: 1/10

  • Binding Affinity: 7/10

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