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Carbon Chemistry



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Carbon Chemistry MagSil-PR® powder is some of the highest purity and quality MagSil-PR® on the market. Activated Magnesium Silicate (MagSil-PR®) lets you remove pesticides, improve color, and improve the clarity of your products, thanks to its powerful properties.

Magnesium silicate will bind to polar, water-soluble compounds. Once these compounds have bonded with the MagSil-PR®, the solution can be filtered through a recommended, 20-micron mesh screen.

  • Activated, amorphous magnesium silicate

  • Used for pesticide removal during the oil purification process

  • Myclobutanil focused

  • Can also be used in aid of color purification

  • Particle Mesh Size: 60/100

Ideal for selective pesticide remediation and color body adsorption.

  • Adsorption Selectivity: 7/10

  • Adsorption Rate: 9/10

  • Fluid Flow Rate: 8/10

  • Binding Affinity: 5/10

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