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Jacketed Bowl Reducer - Tri Clamp 12" x 1.5" w/ (2) FNPT 1/2"

Jacketed Bowl Reducer - Tri Clamp 12" x 1.5" w/ (2) FNPT 1/2"

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Bowl Reducer Bases vs Collection Plates

Depending on your setup, your collection vessel bottom can either use a bowl reducer (often with an attached valve) or a collection plate. Both are available in jacketed or non-jacketed versions. The bowl reducer has an advantage by needing only a valve opened to drain out the extract oil. The heavier collection plate overcomes that drawback by being a secondary vessel if further processing is required, for example, if further solvent recovery is needed.

Collection Tanks

The extraction/collection tank collects the extracted oil and solvent at the end of the process. The larger the vessel the more trim (raw plant matter) can processed simultaneously. It is not uncommon for a large collection vessel to be the repository of multiple material columns, provided it has enough volume to hold a sufficient solvent quantity initially. Once in the collection vessel, the solvent is warmed until it reverts to a gaseous form which can then be removed with a recovery pump such as the Haskel brand we carry. The extracted oil ("drop off") can then be poured into an external container for further vacuum purge if necessary.

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