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iKrusher PHIN 1ml

iKrusher PHIN 1ml

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Introducing the Phin: perfect hits, guaranteed! Boasting iKonic ceramic atomizer tech, oil-view window and two temp curves to choose from (1mL to 3mL) - this vape pen is the real deal. Rechargeable, preheat-equipped and button-activated, clogs are a thing of the past. Vape in style, with ease - it's time to get puffing, folks!

*Omni Hub sold separately


Redesigning your vaping experience, Phin introduces iKonic technology's ceramic atomizer, delivering pure, flavorful hits beyond compare. Tailored to your preferences, Phin offers varied capacities (1.0 mL, 2.0 mL, and 3.0 mL) and two selective 8S temperature curves, powered by innovative OMNI technology for a personalized vaping journey. Eliminate interruptions with a button-actuated preheat feature, mitigating potential clogging issues, while the Type-C charging port ensures swift recharging for uninterrupted enjoyment. Combining functionality and style seamlessly, Phin's elegant and novel design stands out, offering a viewing window for easy oil level monitoring, making your vaping experience effortless and sophisticated.


Elevate your control with dual 8S temperature curves, providing an expanded spectrum of customizable options to tailor your vaping experience. The addition of the OMNI temperature control technology enhances precision, effortlessly achieving and maintaining your preferred temperature settings.

Experience uninterrupted sessions with the button-actuated preheat feature, effectively preventing potential clogging issues and ensuring a smooth, consistent draw every time.


For the best vaporizer care, please adhere to the following:

  • Do not leave your battery at a temperature that is too hot. This will cause the battery to drain and short.
  • Leave your battery charging for the required time of 30 minutes to one hour. Leaving it charging overnight can cause a battery shortage.
  • Make sure your pods are clear of debris before placing them into the battery.

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