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Heavy Duty Arbor Press .5 Ton Capacity 10" Height

Heavy Duty Arbor Press .5 Ton Capacity 10" Height

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HHIP 1/2 ton capacity heavy duty arbor press is a hand operated press. It is used to perform smaller jobs, such as staking, riveting, installing, configuring and removing bearings and other press fit work. Punches, bits, or other tools/dies may be added to the end of the ram on our Pro-Series shown below. We offer presses with a leverage of 1/2–5 tons. This leverage is achieved when a force is applied to the lever arm or wheel. Arbor presses can be mounted on a work bench, wall, or pedestal.

  • 1/2 Ton Heavy Duty Arbor Press

  • 4 position steel anvil

  • Maximum diameter is 6.5"

  • Press height is 10"

  • Base size is 4 X 9"

  • Capacity over table is 4.5"

  • The ram is driven by a rack and pinion to improve the mechanical advantage.

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