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Dichloromethane, Reagent ACS Grade

Dichloromethane, Reagent ACS Grade

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While dichloromethane isn't miscible with water, it is able to dissolve a wide range of organic compounds. These properties, combined with its volatility, makes DCM a highly effective solvent in many industrial processes.

Specifications & Description

    • Purity GradeACS Reagent
    • Empirical FormulaCH2Cl2
    • Linear FormulaCH2Cl2
    • ClassUN1593, Dichloromethane, 6.1, PG III
    • SynonymsDichloromethane
    • Formula Weight84.93
    • PackagingAmber Glass
    • CAS Number75-09-2
    • UN NumberUN1593
    • Shelf Life (days)730
    • Shelf Life (months)24
    • DescriptionDichloromethane, Reagent ACS Grade

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