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BOLD Press Fit Polycarbonate Ceramic Cartridge 1 ml

BOLD Press Fit Polycarbonate Ceramic Cartridge 1 ml

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Crafted with with a hard micro porous structure, the BOLD poly cartridge creates an even distribution of heat and large surface area to enhance flavor and deliver large volumes of vapor. The oil expands as it is evenly heated and is absorbed easily into the vapor production area (VPA). Combining the heated oil and the proper aperture provides an accurately tuned supply of oil that contacts the ceramic core, enabling true extract flavor and the production of a thick voluminous experience.

In addition to its world class ceramic atomizer and tank, the BOLDpoly cartridge is available in different apertures designed for sophisticated consumers looking to refine and create a truly customized experience through optimal atomization of premium extracts and their specific viscosities.

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