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Bold Glass Cartridge With White Ceramic Mouthpiece 1ml

Bold Glass Cartridge With White Ceramic Mouthpiece 1ml

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Your business and your reputation are directly tied to finding quality carts that don’t leak, deliver full flavor and big volume. High return rates because of leakage is a massive risk to your brand as well as a problem for your downstream vendors. That’s why at BOLD we set out to create a line of carts made from the highest quality materials that provide an amazing user experience. We priced our products so that our customers can see a noticeable effect on their bottom line.

Our products are innovative and meet the highest standards in materials, construction, design and innovation. Our carts are made with a highly porous ceramic core that allows extracts to absorb into the core, providing a large contact area and creating a smoother, fuller draw and the best materials on the market and have an extremely low failure rate. All of our products have been approved for use by multiple states at their newest and highest standards

In addition to its world class ceramic atomizer and tank, the BOLD glass cartridge is available in different apertures designed for sophisticated consumers looking to refine and create a truly customized experience through optimal atomization of premium extracts and their specific viscosities.

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