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Advanced Vapor Devices

AVD Full Ceramic EZ Press 100pk

AVD Full Ceramic EZ Press 100pk

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The All-Ceramic offers award-winning flavors and a visual experience like no other. Its premium glass body, white ceramic center post, and gold trim finish create the perfect contrast to highlight the aesthetic beauty of your oils.

Most ceramic is brittle. Instead, we use a proprietary dentistry-grade ceramic. It makes our cartridges durable and chemically inert for an exceptionally clean hit.

And with a stable supply chain in place, we’re able to manufacture in quantity, for even the largest of MSOs.

For production efficiency, the All-Ceramic features the AVD Eazy-Press mouthpiece locking system – designed for rapid high-end filling and capping. Compatible with most semi and fully-automated filling platforms.


*Comes with EZ Press White Ceramic Barrel Mouthpiece*

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